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  xPortal Cards (FAQ)
Published by Olag ⚡ | The 10/31/2023  |  Category: News

1) At xDay 2023, we announced our plan to allow ordering of the card to Waves of 5000 users every two weeks. However, we also mentioned the possibility of enabling access for more users at a faster rate.

2) How does the wave system work ? We take snapshots of around 1000 users from the waitlist every few days. Each snapshot determines who will be included in the next wave.

3) Users from Wave 1 have begun ordering their cards, with over 3000 debit cards already activated. Physical card deliveries are starting this week. Tracking information should be available in the app.

4) We are beginning to allow Wave 2 users to order their cards this week, with approximately 1000 users being activated daily. Snapshots for Wave 3 and subsequent waves will occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

5) How can you secure a spot in the next wave ? It's simple. Invite as many friends as possible to xPortal before the next snapshot. For every friend who joins, you jump 5000 places on the card waitlist.

6) Inviting a few friends to xPortal could make the difference between catching the next wave or missing out. Don't just watch from the sidelines how others show off their cards, get one for yourself!


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