Name of project
Water   Token Staking Provider
Elrond Ducks   LKMEX NFT Project
Elrond Giants   LKMEX NFT Project
MaiarWars   LKMEX NFT Project
Meta-Bricks   LKMEX NFT Project
RisaSoft   Token Staking Provider
Aerovek   Token Staking Provider
Middle Staking   Token Staking Provider
Babies DegenApe   LKMEX   Other NFT Project
Elrond Buddies   LKMEX NFT Project
Whaley   LKMEX   Other NFT Project
AlpaMex   LKMEX NFT Project
Elrond Castle   Token   Other NFT Project
Deainostri   LKMEX NFT Project
DragonsArena   Token   Other NFT Project

No event :(
  Creator Studio
This tool is designed to facilitate the addition of collections & NFT Artists & also the addition of tokens of projects built on MultiversX. New options coming soon.
  Creator Studio
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