MultiversX Wiki - The safety of your seed
  The safety of your seed

Are you sure you have secured everything for your Maiar account?

  • If you answer YES to all the following questions you are not too bad!
  • If not, it's time to spend some time making sure you answer yes to all of them!

All of these questions have come from at least one real unhappy experience!
So even at least 1 NO, this is a risk to be eliminated.

  • Have you saved your Seed Phrase?
  • Are you sure that you did not save it in clear in a file on a device connected to the Internet?
  • If you had saved it in clear in a file and that you deleted it, are you sure to have emptied the Recycle bin of your PC, of   your Mac?
  • If at some point you made a copy and paste, are you sure that it is not lying in your clipboard?
  • Is your save set in at least 2 different places?
  • Are each of these backup locations sufficiently distant in the event of a disaster (fire, water damage, theft, earthquake, storm ...)?
  • If something happens to you and you cannot carry out the recovery yourself, are relatives, family, friends able to do all the recovery operations?
  • If you happen to have your passphrase hacked, are your funds directly available or staked? if your funds are directly available they can be immediately withdrawn by thieves (goodbye your funds), if they are staked there is a period of 10 days at the end of which it is possible to prepare and help you recover them.
  • If you have saved your sentence yourself in a file with the best encryption algorithm (s) of the moment and then saved in the cloud, are you sure you have correctly saved your passwords. access and means of decryption?
  • same question as before if you did it on a USB key or storage medium then duplicated at 2 or 3 remote geographical location.

If your phone is lost or broken you will have to reinstall a new one!
(this part is less in terms of risk because whatever happens you can do the access recovery manipulation from the WebWallet with your passphrase, but you will nevertheless want to recover your mobility comfort from Maiar Wallet)

  • Before that happened, did you do the uninstall / reinstallation operations from your phone by importing the Passphrase? (save it before doing anything)
  • Did you perform the recovery operation from another phone and another SIM (different phone number) by detaching your wallet from the 1st phone then reinstallation from the 2nd phone?

So much for a few questions in the morning that are far from being exhaustive but it's a good start, and to think about it calmly in order to anticipate as long as nothing problematic has happened to you!

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