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The new UI is confusing, how can I get a better understanding of it ?

If you are connected with your wallet, clicking on the xExchange Logo on the top left will always take you to the Dashboard (Homepage).

Here you can see a breakdown of your portfolio, the different kinds of assets you hold and the (so far) accumulated rewards from the Fees Pool.

If you scroll down on the same page (Dashboard), you can see an assets overview - all of them available in the blink of an eye.


On the right hand side, you can see all things Energy-related. Click the expand button, to reveal the side menu.



In this menu you can view your current Energy, as well as your position in the global Leaderboard, based on your LKMEX and XMEX holdings.


You can see the league you are in, based on your Energy.


You can lock MEX to XMEX and see your total MEX/XMEX holdings.

The Energy Multiplier is also visible in the side menu.


You can convert LKMEX (v1) to XMEX (v2) in an instant.


And you can also find the Settings and Disconnect button at the bottom of the same menu.

Why do the rewards on the Dashboard in the “Charging Fees Rewards” keep changing all the time?

These rewards are accrued into one big pool. The pool constantly accumulates more rewards, but people are also joining the pool rewards and thus, the pool gets split among more and more people, which leads to the fluctuations shown on the website.

These fluctuations should become less frequent or significant, by the time most people have already migrated to xExchange and more rewards are accumulated in the pool.

The pool displays many various tokens, because 0.05% of the swap fee for all swaps on the xExchange go to the pool.

Do I have to convert LKMEX to XMEX?

No, you do not have to convert, unless you want to. Rewards are based on Energy, which is based on how long your LKMEX/XMEX is locked for.

You will get less rewards with LKMEX, compared to people with fully locked XMEX (for 4 years), but both tokens get the same kind of rewards. XMEX has the option to unlock to normal MEX at any time and also to increase the locking period, while LKMEX doesn’t have that feature available.

What can somebody do with LKMEX (v1) besides waiting for the unlock time?

LKMEX use cases remain the same and now it is automatically eligible for XMEX (old MEX/ LKMEX farm) and Metabonding rewards, without the need to deposit it in the respective farm/pool.

Moreover, LKMEX v1 holders collect a share from every swap made on the DEX and from the remove energy penalty. This is shown in the “Charging Fees Rewards” on the dashboard.

What properties does XMEX have and what advantages does it offer?

You can increase its lock time up to 4 years, if you wish to do so. You can unlock it to normal MEX at any point in time with a penalty (up to 80%, depending on how long your XMEX was previously locked for).

You can instantly reduce its energy (and thus lock time), with a penalty, at any point in time. Because XMEX can have a longer lock time than LKMEX, it typically has more energy and thus will generate more rewards for you.

If you migrate 100% of your old LKMEX to XMEX AND max out the energy (lock it for 4 years), you will also be eligible to receive a NFT, which, when used, guarantees at least one winning ticket when participating in the next Launchpad (KYC is still required) and you also get boosted Metabonding rewards for 3 months.

If you don’t max out the energy after converting from LKMEX (v1) to XMEX (v2), you will still get the boosted Metabonding rewards, but not the NFT.

What is Energy? What can I do with it?

Energy is a new system that governs the way rewards are distributed. The more Energy you have, the more rewards you will get. Rewards are paid out to everyone with Energy, but the more Energy you have, the more rewards you will get relative to everyone else.

I didn’t receive my launchpad NFT!

This NFT will be sent out to all users who converted 100% of their LKMEX (v1) to XMEX (v2) AND maxed out the energy on their XMEX (to 4 years). The NFT isn’t being sent out right now, but it will be sent out in time for the next Launchpad.

Is there a document that explains all the changes in detail?

Yes! You can give the official Whitepaper a read:

Is there anything that explains all the changes in an easy to follow and understand language, without going into all the (unnecessary) details?

The Twitter Account of the Exchange has shared some insightful threads written by the community that explain all the changes very easily.

Where did the LKMEX/MEX-only Farm go?

The rewards of this farm still exist. All holders of LKMEX (v1) or XMEX (v2) will continue to receive these rewards. There is no longer the need to put them into a farm.

How often do I have to claim the rewards?

At least once a month, but they are claimable once every week.

Can I earn multiple rewards at the same time?

Yes you can! For example, create an LP token with EGLD and XMEX, then put that LP token into the EGLD/MEX farm and earn liquidity APR there, while, at the same time, earn Metabonding rewards, the XMEX emission rewards and the fees rewards.

Why do I need to “update energy”?

By doing that transaction, you tell the smart contract how much energy you currently have. You won’t have to do it often, though, only when creating new XMEX by locking MEX, for example.

Updating the energy won’t affect the lock time of your XMEX.

Why aren’t Farms showing any APR? Why are no XMEX generated for rewards?

Rewards will start in ~2 days (approximately on 13th of December), in order to give everyone a chance to migrate and start earning rewards with everybody else.

What will happen to website?

It forwards users to

What is the Energy Multiplier? Why is mine not at the maximum?

It’s just a simple statistic that shows the energy you have versus the energy you COULD HAVE had. It is based on all MEX, LKMEX and XMEX in your wallet. If you’ld lock everything to the max (4 years), your Energy Multiplier would show “4x”, which is the maximum. It’s just a graph/statistic.

I thought we will be able to choose for how long we want to lock our tokens?

Yes, you do have that choice, when locking MEX. When migrating LKMEX (v1) to XMEX (v2), this comes with a 4x lock-time increase. However, you don’t have to migrate, if you don’t want to, as explained above. Also, you can always decrease the energy of your XMEX or unlock it completely (both with a penalty) if you want to.

Can I still farm normal unlocked MEX?

Yes and No. All farms will accrue 4yr locked XMEX as rewards. You can, however, unlock the XMEX, and thus effectively continue to farm normal MEX. Yes, there is a big penalty, but the resulting APR difference between locked and unlocked MEX is effectively the same as it was before.

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