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DICE will focus on building games that use Dice 😊 DICE is a project that will reward its users by not only helping them enjoy with friends but also rewarding them when they win 😊. With DICE, not only the one who wins is rewarded but the ones who are not much into the game but still hold DICE will get a share of the pie 😉.

  • DICE wants users to get accustomed to age old game of ludo, and start earning money with it.
  • People can get a taste of our game and earn $DICE
  • Our rewards mechanisms will virtually enable people to play games (and earn big if they win 😊) without even putting money in the system
  • In each game, 50% of the players will win.
  • Our free rewards will ensure that there is a perpetual income stream to $DICE holders.

Below is Cheat Sheet which we created for you to understand our project under 1 minute:

DICE Cheat Sheet- 1 Minute Overview

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A project built on the MultiversX blockchain does not mean that it is officially recognized by MultiversX. Everyone is free to build their project on the blockchain, be careful when you invest.