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The NFT Social club is a collaborative platform open to everyone to discover and learn about the NFT projects on MultiversX (formerly Elrond). This platform is intended for both individuals and project leaders.

NFT enthusiasts or curious will be able to discover all the NFT projects on MultiversX, improve view of their NFT portfolios and share their knowledge.

The platform aims to centralize information in that domain. These will be published collaboratively. A reward system will be set up for contributors and active members to make the platform sustainable: let’s introduce the first Contribute to Earn.

Contribution, validation, translation = get NSC points

Convert your points into NSC items on our shop. Monthly, our top 3 contributors are rewarded in EGLD. 

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A project built on the MultiversX blockchain does not mean that it is officially recognized by MultiversX. Everyone is free to build their project on the blockchain, be careful when you invest.